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Measure for measure – daily food, daily garbage” is made up of a series of photographic diptyches that emphasizes the enormous amount of packaging that are the basis both of the large-scale distribution of food and of the eating habits in industrialized societies.
Rosanna Maiolino's photos urge us to think how to change our own eating habits as this help us to substantially reduce the production of waste.
"Measure for measure" images are the result of a sort of "experiment" that the author has done on herself: for two weeks she has kept in her own flat all the food packaging purchased and consumed according to a life style which is common to most of the Western consumers.
The photos of the two in-house pile of packaging urge us to think about waste prevention...and also to improve the quality of our alimentation.

"Measure for measure - daily food daily garbage" was previewed from june to july 2009 at the European Commission in Luxembourg, buiding Jean Monnet, and at the BEI (Banque Européenne d'Investissement), in Luxembourg as well, in October 2009.

The photographic series has been exhibited at the EC in Brussels (Berlaymont and Beaulieu buildings) during the European Week Waste Reduction in 2010 and during the Green Week in May 2011.

Following the publication of the pictures in the magazine Altreconomia (n.112, January 2010) several responsable consumer associations requested to exhibit "Measure for measure" during eco-initiatives to make people aware of waste prevention.

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Milano Photofestival 2015

May 27- June 16
Palazzo Castiglioni, Milan

vernissage may 27 h.18

Corso Venezia, 47
open Monday - Friday h. 8,30 - 18

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