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Buying, consuming, throwing away.
Buying, consuming, throwing away.

Eating is no more a simple gesture of our everyday life;
choosing and buying food has become a complex action,
full of possibilities all passing through the narrow
- and blind - alley of packaging.
Nowadays urban waste is mostly made up of packaging:
Pondering upon our daily choices is a responsibility we can no longer do without .
Separating and recycling alone are no longer enough
to backtrack on our path of consumerism and waste .
Refusing to purchase ultra-packaged items may become a virtuous practice,
capable of changing not only the aesthetics of our kitchen cupboard, our fridge
or our garbage can, but to improve our quality of life as well as that of our planet's future.
Think about it.
Observe your waste, the packaging on your every food, at the end of your day,
your week, a month perhaps... try keeping them at home.
I did it…
…and from the fear that came to me, the idea for these images was born,
only fragments of a reality on which to ponder.

Rosanna Maiolino

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